A 1-kV 4H-SiC power DMOSFET optimized for low ON-resistance

Asmita Saha, Purdue University
James A. Cooper, Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University

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In this paper we describe a low-voltage (similar to 1 kV) short-channel 4H-SiC power DMOSFET with several structural modifications to reduce the specific ON-resistance. These include the following: 1) a heavily doped n-type current-spreading layer beneath the p-base; 2) a heavily-doped JFET region with narrow (similar to 1 mu m) JFET width; 3) a "segmented" base contact layout; and 4) tighter alignment tolerances to reduce cell pitch. The design is optimized using computer simulations, and the resulting devices are fabricated and characterized. The fabricated device exhibits a specific ON-resistance of 6.95 m Omega center dot cm(2), which is one of the lowest yet reported ON-resistances for a power MOSFET in this voltage range.