Stability conditions for hydrogen-antihydrogen-like quasimolecules

Alejandro Ferrón, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Pablo Serra, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Sabre Kais, Birck Nanotechnology Center and Department of Chemistry, Purdue University

Date of this Version

May 2008


PHYSICAL REVIEW A 77, 052505 (2008)

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We present a detailed study of the stability conditions of hydrogen-antihydrogen-like quasimolecules using both variational and finite-size scaling calculations. The stability diagram of the nuclear charge Z as a function of the intemuclear distance R shows bound and unbound regions separated by a first-order critical line. Calculations of the leptonic annihilation rate show a peculiar behavior for nuclear charges Z >= 2, which was not observed for the hydrogen-antihydrogen quasimolecule; it goes through a maximum before it decays exponentially for large interhadronic distances. This might have a practical impact on the study of stability of matter-antimatter systems.