Thermal Challenges in LED-Driven Display Technologies: The Early Days

Kazuaki Yazawa, Purdue University, Birck Nanotechnology Center

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This section discusses a variety of thermal challenges in LED-driven displays, especially in early development phase of the LED displays. The unique fundamentals of the displays are their wide screen size, flat and thin envelop, light weight for a wall mount, and the requirements of bright and high contrast on screens. A historical background in the introduction is followed by the technological challenges of the system primarily based on a passive air convection cooling for LED displays. Even with active air cooling solution, this is still important for the initial design aimed for energy efficient and low acoustic noise systems. The following two sections "Thermal Spreading and Transient for Design" and "Active Cooling of Laser LED for Projection Displays" discuss the technologies to handle the device-focused thermal issues in conjunction with thermal imaging characterization of the LED device.


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology