A single input-single output coupled microresonator array for the detection and identification of multiple analytes

Barry E. DeMartini, Univ Calif Santa Barbara
Jeffrey F. Rhoads, Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University
Mark A. Zielke, Univ Calif Santa Barbara
Kyle G. Owen, Univ Calif Santa Barbara
Steven W. Shaw, Michigan State Univ
Kimberly L. Turner, Univ Calif Santa Barbara

Date of this Version

August 2008



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This work reports the experimental demonstration of single input-single output, multianalyte detection and identification using a coupled array of microresonators. A prototype sensor with four frequency-mistuned microbeam sensors, each coupled to a common shuttle mass resonator, is presented. Tailored localized modes of vibration in this coupled system are exploited to embed all requisite resonance shift information into the response of the common shuttle. Four standard polymers are applied to the microbeams to functionalize them for vapor detection. Toluene and methanol vapors, as well as toluene/methanol mixtures, are detected and identified using a single input signal and a single output signal. (C) 2008 American Institute of Physics.