Atomistic disorder such as alloy disorder, surface roughness and inhomogeneous strain are known to influence electronic structure and charge transport. Scaling of device dimensions to the nanometer regime enhances the effects of disorder on device characteristics and the need for atomistic modeling arises. In this work SiGe alloy nanowires are studied from two different points of view: (1) Electronic structure where the bandstructure of a nanowire is obtained by projecting out small cell bands from a supercell eigen-spectrum and (2) Transport where the transmission coefficient thrugh the nanowire is computed using an atomistic wave function approach. The nearest neighbor sp3d5s* semi-empirical tight-binding model is employed for both electronic structure and transport. The connection between dispersions and transmission coefficients of SiGe random alloy nanowires of different sizes is highlighted. Localization is observed in thin disordered wires and a transition to bulk-like behavior is observed with increasing wire diameter.


Nanowires, SiGe, Brillouin zone-unfolding, Open boundary conditions, NEGF

Date of this Version

November 2008