Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) have many exceptional electronic properties. Realizing the full potential of SWNTs in realistic electronic systems requires a scalable approach to device and circuit integration. We report the use of dense, perfectly aligned arrays of long, perfectly linear SWNTs as an effective thin-film semiconductor suitable for integration into transistors and other classes of electronic devices. The large number of SWNTs enable excellent device-level performance characteristics and good device-to-device uniformity, even with SWNTs that are electronically heterogeneous. Measurements on p- and n-channel transistors that involve as many as 2,100 SWNTs reveal device-level mobilities and scaled transconductances approaching 1,000 cm2 V21 s21 and  3,000 Sm21, respectively, and with current outputs of up to 1 A in devices that use interdigitated electrodes. PMOS and CMOS logic gates and mechanically flexible transistors on plastic provide examples of devices that can be formed with this approach. Collectively, these results may represent a route to large-scale integrated nanotube electronics.

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March 2007