This paper discusses the electronic transport properties of nanowire field-effect transistors (NW-FETs). Four different device concepts are studied in detail: Schottky-barrier NW-FETs with metallic source and drain contacts, conventional-type NW-FETs with doped NW segments as source and drain electrodes, and, finally, two new concepts that enable steep turn-on characteristics, namely, NW impact ionization FETs and tunnel NW-FETs. As it turns out, NW-FETs are, to a large extent, determined by the device geometry, the dimensionality of the electronic transport, and the way of making contacts to the NW. Analytical as well as simulation results are compared with experimental data to explain the various factors impacting the electronic transport in NW-FETs.


Impact ionization; MOSFET; nanowire FET; nanowire growth; Schottky-barrier; steep slope transistors; tunnel FET; VLS growth, FIELD-EFFECT TRANSISTORS; SILICON NANOWIRES; QUANTUM-CAPACITANCE; SI MOSFET; N-MOSFET; GATE; PERFORMANCE; DEVICES; SOI; SEMICONDUCTOR

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