In this letter, we explore the band structure effects on the performance of ballistic silicon nanowire transistors sSNWTsd. The energy dispersion relations for silicon nanowires are evaluated with an sp3d5s* tight binding model. Based on the calculated dispersion relations, the ballistic currents for both n-type and p-type SNWTs are evaluated by using a seminumerical ballistic model. For large diameter nanowires, we find that the ballistic p-SNWT delivers half the ON-current of a ballistic n-SNWT. For small diameters, however, the ON-current of the p-type SNWT approaches that of its n-type counterpart. Finally, the carrier injection velocity for SNWTs is compared with those for planar metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors, clearly demonstrating the impact of quantum confinement on the performance limits of SNWTs.

Date of this Version

February 2005