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Automated Delineation of Visual Area Boundaries and Eccentricities by a CNN Using Functional, Anatomical, and Diffusion-weighted MRI Data


Noah C. Benson, University of Washington
Bogeng Song, New York University
Toshikazu Miyata, Osaka University
Hiromasa Takemura, Osaka University
Jonathan Winawer, New York University

University of Washington

Comprehensive analysis of the retinal cell contributions to the human ERG


Christopher W. Tyler, Smith-Kettlewell Institute

St Pete, FL

The Model 2.0 and Friends: An Interim Report


Garrison W. Cottrell, University of California, San Diego
Martha Gahl, UCSD
Shubham Kulkarni, UCSD
Shashank Venkatramani, UCSD
Yash Shah, UCSD
Keyu Long, UCSD
Xuzhe Zhi, UCSD
Shivaank Agarwal, UCSD
Cody Li, UCSD
Jingyuan He, UCSD
Thomas Fischer, UCSD


Toward a Manifold Encoding Neural Responses


Luciano Dyballa, Yale University
Andra M. Rudzite, Duke University
Mahmood S. Hoseini, University of California, San Francisco
Mishek Thapa, University of California, Los Angeles
Michael P. Stryker, University of California, San Francisco
Greg D. Field, University of California, Los Angeles
Steven W. Zucker, Yale University