n this paper, elasto-plastic analysis of a thick-walled cylinder made of functionally graded materials (FGMs) subjected to constant internal pressure and cyclic temperature gradient loading is carried out using MATLAB. The material is assumed to be isotropic and independent of tem- perature with constant Poisson's ratio and the material properties vary radially based on a power law volume function relation. The Von Mises’ yield criterion and the Armstrong-Frederick non- linear kinematic hardening model were implemented in this investigation. To obtain the incre- mental plastic strain, return mapping algorithm (RMA) was used. At the end, the Bree's inter- action diagram is plotted in terms of non-dimensional pressure and temperature which represents an engineering index for optimum design under thermo-mechanical loading.


This is the publishers version of Damadam, Mohsen, R. Moheimani and Hamid Dalir. “Bree's diagram of a functionally graded thick-walled cylinder under thermo-mechanical loading considering nonlinear kinematic hardening.” Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 12 (2018): 644-654.


Functionally graded material, nonlinear kinematic hardening, thermal/mechanical stress, return mapping algorithm, shakedown, ratcheting, Bree's diagram

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