The faculty and professional staff of the Libraries, Press, and Copyright Office advance the creation of knowledge for the global community through provision and preservation of scholarly information resources; teaching of information literacy; research in library, archival, and information sciences; and the development of dynamic physical and virtual learning environments.

The Libraries Reports series contains reports authored or reports written on behalf of the libraries, or by members of the Libraries faculty and staff.

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Submissions from 2021


Teaching with Data in the Social Sciences: The Purdue Report, Jane Yatcilla, Clarence Maybee, Bethany McGowan, Gang Shao, and D Trevor Burrows

Submissions from 2018


Marketing Study of Parrish Library of Management and Economics, Shan Lin, Bhuvan Jindal, Mrithula Suresh Babu, Kelly Adams, Tanner Mellon, Sairam Venkatasubramanian, and Alexander Batta

Submissions from 2015


Final Report for 2015 ER&L + EBSCO Library Fellowship Research Project, Tao Zhang and Xi Niu

Submissions from 2014


A Crowdsourced Library Help System, Tao Zhang and Ilana Stonebraker

Submissions from 2013


Participatory Design of Purdue University’s Active Learning Center Final Report, Nancy Fried Foster, Teresa Balser, Rae Lynn Boes, Dianna Deputy, William Ferrall, Michael Fosmire, Jeremy R. Garritano, Amanda Gill, Vicki Killion, Monica Kirkwood, Clarence Maybee, Kristen Twardowski, Jane Yatcilla, and Tao Zhang

Submissions from 2012


Databib: IMLS LG-46-11-0091-11 Final Report (White Paper), Michael Witt and Michael J. Giarlo