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Jason Boczar, University of South Florida (Ethical Framework Task Force chair); Joshua Neds-Fox, Wayne State University Libraries; Charlotte Roh, University of San Francisco (2017-2018 LPC Fellow); Melanie Schlosser, Library Publishing Coalition



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library publishing, scholarly publishing, publishing ethics, publishing practice, accessibility


Inspired by discussions at the 2017 Library Publishing Forum, An Ethical Framework for Library Publishing 1.0 was created by the members of the Ethical Framework for Library Publishing Task Force, with the assistance of many community members who served as peer reviewers and workshop participants, as well as the staff of the Educopia Institute. The Framework introduces library publishers to important ethical considerations in a variety of areas and provides concrete recommendations and resources for ethical scholarly publishing. As the version number in the title suggests, the document is meant to evolve - to be updated and expanded over time.

An HTML version of this work is available on the Library Publishing Coalition website at https://librarypublishing.org/resources/ethical-framework/