The Indiana Directory of University Research Expertise (INDURE) is an easy-to-access database of experts, intellectual property, and ongoing sponsored research projects at academic institutions across the state of Indiana. Researchers from Purdue, Ball State, Indiana Universities and the University of Notre Dame can be located by searching INDURE by their individual research interests, expertise, and collaborations.

The majority of these researchers are faculty members. One strong descriptor of faculty's expertise can be found by analyzing the dissertations published by the doctoral students whom they advised. Through a database service licensed from ProQuest LLC, the Purdue University Libraries has access to the dissertations from these four institutions.

The purpose of this project is to query and harvest detailed, structured metadata describing these dissertations using the Z39.50 protocol and to include this information in INDURE to improve the accuracy of its search engine.

The integration module that we are developing utilizes the YAZ client with connection proles for the four dierent institutions. These are used to fetch bacthes of MARC records from a Z39.50 interface that is exposed by the ProQuest server. The records contain the dissertations' titles, authors, advisors, and abstracts. These records are converted to qualied Dublin Core using the oai_dc schema and an XSLT engine. The oai_dc records are then indexed by the INDURE search engine.

The INDURE project (http://www.indure.org) is led by Professor Aditya Mathur, Department of Computer Science at Purdue University, with support from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

This poster was presented at the I.T. Summit at Purdue University on October 20, 2008.


Z39.50, research information systems, ETD, electronic disserations, YAZ, INDURE

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October 2008