This poster describes an ongoing collaborative effort between the Purdue University Libraries and the Advanced Life Support—NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training (ALS-NSCORT) center to design and implement a system to preserve a digital collection of published papers, reports, documents, data and other materials, using the library’s institutional repository.

In designing a digital preservation system to house the ALS-NSCORT collection, the libraries encountered many questions and challenges. This poster will highlight these challenges and the decisions made to address them. The challenges included: identifying the preservation needs and requirements of ALS-NSCORT for their collection, working with a diverse set of materials, modifying the existing institutional repository to accommodate the collection, incorporating “active” research materials, selecting a metadata schema and a preservation format, and addressing the lack of copyright over published articles.

This poster was presented at the Society for American Archivists Research Forum in San Francisco on August 26, 2008.


SAA Research Forum, Digital Preservation, ALS-NSCORT, Purdue University Libraries

Date of this Version

September 2008