This article provides information on a chemical information literacy program designed primarily for new graduate students. The full implementation of this program is discussed, including defining its purpose, topics covered, content presented, methods of marketing, and evaluation. The result is a series of voluntary seminars given biweekly throughout the academic year. Seminars are based either around a particular resource or database or are centered on a topical problem that may be addressed using multiple resources. Evaluations show that graduate students are pleased with the seminars, including content covered and the format. Areas for future development and experimentation are also suggested.


graduate students, information literacy, chemical information, library instruction, chemistry libraries

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Garritano, Jeremy R. “Ice Cream Seminars for Graduate Students: Imparting Chemical Information Literacy.” Public Services Quarterly, 3.3-4 (2007): 53-70. DOI: 10.1080/15228950802110452

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