This is a book chapter from The Frugal Librarian: Thriving in Tough Economic Times, an anthology of case studies published by the American Library Association.


The Purdue University Career Wiki is a collaborative project between the libraries and several career offices on campus. Begun in 2007 as a way to create efficiencies and keep the career offices better informed of efforts across campus, it has grown into a comprehensive resource sharing cooperative. The public side has become a one-stop-shop for students, faculty, and staff to see and utilize all the career resources on campus. Any office in the cooperative can bring new resources to the table, where they are trialed, discussed, and decided upon for group purchase. Recently we have begun talks with Purdue regional campuses to include them in these efforts.


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The Frugal Librarian: Thriving in Tough Economic Times. Ed. Carol Smallwood.

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