Purdue University’s Management and Economics Library (MEL) recognized a unique opportunity to build a strong collaboration among campus units in the career development area, enhancing students’ interviewing abilities and employment opportunities. The products and services presented in this article focus on MEL’s unique campuswide collaboration with twelve campus libraries and thus far eight career units in the creation and implementation of a Career Wiki. The Career Wiki, both a library product and service, offers electronic access to career resources, and it effectively increases use of all library collections and information resources, thereby adding to the services each career unit offers.


campus collaborations, career centers, information literacy, strategic alignment, wiki

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Dugan, Mary, Bergstrom, George & Doan, Tomalee (2009). Campus Career Collaboration: “Do the Research. Land the Job.”. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 16 (2), 122-137. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10691310902958517

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