This poster was presented at the Association for Information Science and Technology’s (ASIS&T) Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO on November 9, 2015. Accessing, using and managing data is increasingly recognized as an important learning outcome in higher education. Approaches to data literacy have typically been informed by information literacy. New approaches to information literacy have emerged that address how information is used in the different disciplinary contexts in which people learn and work. Successful approaches to data literacy will also need to address contextual concerns. Informed learning is an approach to information literacy that purposefully addresses contextual concerns by suggesting pedagogic strategies for enabling students to use information in ways that support discipline-focused learning outcomes. As part of an ongoing investigation, we advance data informed learning as a framework for data literacy in higher education that emphasizes how data are used to learn and communicate within disciplinary learning contexts. Drawing from informed learning, we outline principles and characteristics of data informed learning, and suggest future directions to investigate ways that data are used in real-world environments.


data informed learning, data literacy, informed learning, higher education

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