This presentation was delivered at the 2015 Library Publishing Coalitions Annual Forum. Portland State University, Portland, Oregon. March 29-30, 2015.


Many library publishing programs emerged from institutional repositories. This close relationship has led to the emergence of content platforms that are designed to operate under either use case, however, the missions and requirements of the two types of program differ. A repository for example, may be primarily concerned with the curation, preservation, and accessibility of their institution’s academic output whilst publishers must also concern themselves with external discoverability, search engine optimization, getting indexed in abstract databases and marketing their journals. In this session, you will hear from three successful library publishers who have embraced this external facing aspect of publishing. The overlaps and differences between repositories and publishers will be explored and the speakers will share their thoughts on how library publishers can best serve their patrons be disseminating work and helping researchers to meet funder mandates for open access and data management .


institutional repositories, open access, Purdue University, library publishing

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