This presentation was made at the International Conference of University Libraries in Mexico in October 2011.


Nixon's recent research has focused on patron driven acquisitions (PDA). Purdue Libraries was an earlier initiator in buying, instead of borrowing, books patrons requested through interlibrary loan. After ten years of the PDA service Nixon lead a team that did a major analysis of the purchases. She and two other Purdue librarians edited a special issue of Collection Management on this topic. Success in acquiring print materials through this program has led the library to initiate a PDA electronic book acquisition project. This presentation traces the background of PDA and highlights the results of the 10 year study of the 10,000 books purchased as part of the PDA program at Purdue, including what departments make the most use of the service and the circulation study comparing these books with other acquired through normal acquisition procedures. Also included is look at the pilot project at Purdue to implement an e-book PDA program.


Patron Driven Acquisistion, collection development, e-books, Books On Demand

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