Webinar presented for the U.S. Government Printing Office's FDLP Academy November 25, 2014. This presentation was recorded and is free to watch here. The presentation requires a user to login with their name and email to access the audio content. To view the PowerPoint slides, users must choose "Select Slide Presentation" in the upper right conder, then click "View" to see the slides. The slides are also free to download on this page.


The Hathitrust Catalog provides researchers at member institutions with exponentially expanded access to historical U.S. Government information resources. This presentation describes how researchers can use this resource to conduct substantive research using government information resources on public policy issues such as Internal Revenue Service program problems, infectious diseases such as Ebola, and U.S. foreign relations with the former Soviet Union/Russian Federation.


U.S. Government information, Hathitrust Catalog, Internal Revenue Service, tax policy, ebola, infectious diseases, U.S. foreign policy, Soviet Union, Russian Federation

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