This poster was presented at the Purdue University 2014 BIG Data in Agriculture Symposium, "Connecting Vision and Capacity," Wednesday, March 5, 2014.


This is potential joint collaborative research between the Purdue University and citizens of Kenya via the Global Engineering Program in the areas of agriculture in water harvesting. Specifically, in the rural part of Kenya, outside of Nairobi, lives can be greatly impacted. Libraries of tomorrow will have global capacity and responsibility to serve all aspects of global citizenry. Herein is one possible Kenyan example.

In partnership with the Tinmore Institute, an International Food, Water, and Energy Security team of experts, such international collaboration with Purdue's Global Engineering program could be quite successful within the areas of agricultural and water security sustainability. Moreover, Purdue’s expertise and reputation as a global leader in research and scholarship can be further demonstrated.


agriculture, food and water security, Africa

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