This poster was presented at the Purdue University 2014 BIG Data in Agriculture Symposium, "Connecting Vision and Capacity," Wednesday, March 5, 2014.


The Purdue University Libraries’ GIS department is working to advance geospatial services campus wide. In addition to conducting data curation profiles research in an IRB approved manner, we aim to validate new ways and means to make GIS services viable for large and diverse student and faculty community of over 40,000 students, all departments and along interdisciplinary boundaries. Here is a prototype of our mobile dissemination GIS of services and development in collaboration with Aalto University Library. Here, we discuss in a 3-fold manner how the GIS Dept. has prototyped a means of mobile GIS knowledge dissemination towards the development of library-led campus wide geospatial data services for future considerations. Such may offer timely and low cost data navigation of GIS resources using one’s smartphone or tablet device.


GIS, smart phone, library service development

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