Technical reports have always posed problems for libraries and librarians. They are often bibliographically inconsistent, difficult to source, and published to varying standards of quality. In some fields, these reports are also large in number and central in importance. In many cases, technical reports are just one of many collections that are tied to a particular research center or group. These research centers or groups may also produce data papers, hosted conference proceedings, and other report series, which may also suffer from many of the same issues facing technical reports. In several situations these research centers and groups are unaware of the publishing solutions offered by their own libraries and librarians, in many cases from a minimal to no additional costs.

This breakout session will discuss a case study of how the Purdue Libraries Publishing Services division has found innovative ways to face the problems of the Joint Transportation Research Program’s technical reports and their other affiliated collections. This session will also discuss how these innovative solutions for technical reports created a domino effect for future promotion and outreach of the repository by the participating research centers and groups by the deposit of additional content and the hosting repository designation for the Purdue e-Pubs repository for the Purdue Road School Annual Conference.

Audience members can expect to hear about the challenges of repository-based publishing of technical reports in the digital age, and the opportunities that exist for improving discoverability and dissemination in the networked environment through promotion and outreach.


institutional repositories, repository, repository publishing, outreach, promotion, library based publishing

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