Presented at the 2013 DLF Forum, Austin, TX, November 4, 2013.

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As funding agencies require data management plans (DMP) and data sharing, institutions are developing data services in their libraries. Data services may include data curation, including metadata creation and data preservation; data discovery, such as data set registration and data linking; extended references services, such as DMP consultations and data needs assessments; and internal activities, such as environmental scans and support for institutional/data repositories.

The panel will discuss the evolution, status, and future of data services development in their respective institutions including:

  • The status of data services development in their institution
  • The steps taken to get to their current stage
  • The methods of training
  • The cross-institutional experiences of outreach, and
  • The future direction of data services development

Baylor University, the University of Maryland, the University of Michigan, and Purdue University are all exploring and developing data services in their libraries in unique ways. In response to faculty needs, Baylor University Libraries are ready to invest in data services. Recent conversations with the Office of Vice Provost for Research point to possible future collaborations in the DMP process. The University of Maryland Libraries take a project-based approach to data services, with a flexible organization model that encourages participation and professional development. With limited resources for institution-scale services, the team focuses heavily on the collection, curation, and reuse of unique data products. The University of Michigan Library is currently designing, implementing, and piloting research and data lifecycle services to support researchers in describing, storing, sharing, and archiving the digital products of their research. Purdue University Libraries has Data Services Specialists focusing on integrating data services throughout the Libraries and the Data Education Working Group that develops resources for liaison librarians and to support them in data activities, including support for the Purdue University Research Repository (PURR).


data management, dmp, nsf, data curation, data services

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