Originally presented: Garritano, J.R. and Culp, F.B. “Chemical Information Instruction, 1984-2004: Who Is Leading the Charge?” American Chemical Society 229th National Meeting. San Diego, CA, March 2005.

Subsequently published: Garritano, J. R.; Culp, F. B., Chemical Information Instruction in Academe: Who Is Leading the Charge? Journal of Chemical Education 2010, 87 (3), 340-344.


The ACS Committee on Professional Training has long emphasized the importance of chem. information instruction (CII) in the education of both undergraduate and graduate students. In 1984 and 1993, the ACS Chem. Information Division Education Committee surveyed US academic institutions regarding their level of CII. The results of these surveys have provided valuable information concerning the levels of activity and the difficulties faced in providing information instruction. However, in the 11 years since the last survey was conducted, there have been explosive changes in both information delivery and instructional methodology. We have therefore updated the survey instrument to capture such changes. We will present the results of the latest CII survey, conducted in 2004-5, and examine and discuss the trends shown by its comparison with findings from the previous surveys. [ACS Abstract]


chemical information, information literacy, chemical education, ACS, CPT

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