Originally presented: Garritano, J.R. “Mmm…Vanillin: Reaching Graduate Students Through Ice Cream Seminars.” American Chemical Society 233rd National Meeting. Chicago, IL, March 2007.

Subsequently published: Garritano, Jeremy R. “Ice Cream Seminars for Graduate Students: Imparting Chemical Information Literacy.” Public Services Quarterly, 3.3-4 (2007): 53-70.


While there is no required chem. literature course for graduate students at Purdue University, a series of library ice cream seminars is offered throughout the semester as an alternative. These seminars are targeted toward new graduate students to help them adjust to the wide variety of library resources now available to them. Each seminar is focused on either a particular resource (SciFinder Scholar, Beilstein, etc.) or a topical theme (patents, citation searching, spectral information, etc.). Implementation of the seminar series will be explained as well as content presented and effective marketing methods. Results of evaluations and future directions will also be discussed. [ACS Abstract]


graduate students, information literacy, chemical information, library instruction, chemistry libraries

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