Originally presented: Garritano, J.R. “Providing for Graduate Student Information Needs at a Large Research University.” American Chemical Society 234th National Meeting. Boston, MA, August 2007.


Graduate students at a large research university often have many information needs-from choosing a research advisor, to creating and pursuing their research agenda, to deciding on where to go after graduation. In addition., many of them have insufficient information seeking skills. The M.G. Mellon Library of Chem. at Purdue U. attempts to address many of these issues by the focused and proactive provision of resources and services to graduate students. Besides instructing graduate students on common chem. information resources, the staff of the Chem. Library provides additional services, such as after-hours access and assistance with bibliographic management software, to enhance the educational and research experience. In additional, a biweekly series of seminars, called Ice Cream Seminars, are provided every year to help acclimatize new graduate students to these and other resources provided by the Purdue University Libraries. This talk will highlight the services provided by the Chem. Library, from the day potential graduate students visit campus to the day they graduate and are off to pursue future endeavors (and sometimes, even after that). [ACS Abstract]


graduate students, information literacy, chemical information

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