Originally presented: Garritano, J.R. and Carlson, J.R. “Curating Chemistry Data through Its Lifecycle: A Collaboration between Library and Laboratory in Scientific Data Preservation.” American Chemical Society 236th National Meeting. Philadelphia, PA, August 2008.


Collaborating with the Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education (CASPiE), the Purdue University Libraries have created a model for the capture and preservation of data as part of the experimental workflow. In the CASPiE program, students work closely with a faculty researcher on a real world research problem and generate data using a networked system of scientific instrumentation. The data may pass through three stages in its lifecycle. First, the data is the student's record within the course and therefore has educational value. Second, the data also supports the scientist's work and therefore has research value. Finally, the data may be "published" to a wider community and therefore has lasting value which needs to be preserved. The flow of data from student to researcher to a digital repository has been outlined and partially implemented. Collaboration tips, metadata issues, preservation concerns, and instrument/software challenges will be discussed. [ACS Abstract]


data curation, data management, chemical information

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