Originally presented: Garritano, Jeremy R. “Using Data Curation Profiles (DCPs) as a Means of Raising Data Management Awareness.” American Chemical Society 241st National Meeting. Anaheim, CA, March 2011.


While one can discuss data management plans in a general sense, there is no single solution for managing the diverse data generated by various disciplines and projects. Therefore one possible solution is to determine best practices for individual data management plans guided by a more general Data Curation Profile (DCP). The DCPs were created at Purdue University and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Using a DCP, librarians and/or researchers explore various data management issues. Once a profile has been completed, not only will the librarian have a richer understanding of the kind and quantity of data that might have to be curated and archived, but the researcher will have a better understanding of their data preferences related to sharing and intellectual property, regardless of where the data ultimately resides. Current applications of the DCP at Purdue will be discussed. [ACS Abstract]


data curation, data management, Data Curation Profiles, liaison librarians

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