Presentation to Purdue Young Americans For Freedom-April 4, 2023


Provides detailed overview of how the U.S. Congress conducts oversight of federal agency programs. Contents include a letter from a member of Congress to an agency head concerning an environmental development in Indiana, information on the foundations of congressional oversight, details on how Congress may require agency reports on various subjects in public laws, an example of a congressionally mandated report by the Department of Defense, documentation of congressional funding of individual federal agencies, examples of congressional committee hearings, congressional committee issuance of oversight and investigative reports which may include dissenting opinions, Congressional Budget Office cost estimates on congressional committee reported legislation, congressional committee biennial activity reports, and useful websites for congressional oversight information including congressional support agencies like the Congressional Budget Office, Congressional Research Service, and Government Accountability Office.


congressional oversight, legislative oversight, congressional hearings, congressional committee reports, cost estimates, federal agency reporting requirements

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