This presentation was given during a Digital Commons webinar session hosted by Bepress on May 2, 2013. This webinar was this in a series of webinars showcasing institutional repositories supporting community engagement. This webinar presentation was recorded and may be accessed at


In the third community webinar presentation on regional and community partnerships, David Scherer, the Scholarly Repository Specialist at Purdue University, described how institutional repositories can support community engagement through the rewards of the partnership between Purdue's institutional repository, Purdue e-Pubs, and Indiana's Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP). The Purdue Libraries and the Purdue University Press have worked to archive and showcase the fruits of over 75 years of strong collaboration between Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation on research that has a significant impact on the safe and efficient operation of transportation systems throughout Indiana, the United States, and around the world. This presentation discusses the benefits that the IR’s partnership with the program has yielded for the library, the JTRP, and the wider community, and suggests strategies for forging similar partnerships at your own institution.


grey literature, technical reports, JTRP, INDOT, Purdue University, transportation, scholarly communication, egagement, open access, publishing

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