September 23, 2021 presentation made to the Space Education and Strategic Applications Conference sponsored by American Public University System and Policy Studies Organization


Provides details on U.S. Space Force policy literature produced by the Biden Administration during its first eight months. Includes announcements that the Biden Administration will continue this new armed services branch begun during the Trump Administration. Features congressional testimony of Biden Administration officials such as Secretary of Defense Lloyd Wilson and Air Force Space Command leader General James Dickinson, the text of Space Force's 2021 Digital Force Vision document, congressionally approved FY 2022 space force budget figures, congressional committee comments and report requirements contained in emerging defense spending legislation, the emergence of collaboration between Space Force and universities such as Purdue, and likely forthcoming U.S. military space policy documents including the Biden Administration's National Security Strategy of the United States, Federal Register announcements, and federal defense contracting activity.


United States Space Force, military astronautics, military acquisition, military program management, China, Russia, military spending, government information resources, congressional oversight

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