May 13, 2020 Purdue Libraries Brownbag presentation of article on this subject published in Space Policy in 2020.


Article 1 of the US Constitution assigns the US Congress numerous responsibilities. These include creating new laws, revising existing laws, funding government programs, and conducting oversight of these programs' performance. Oversight of US Government agency space policy programs is executed by various congressional space policy committees including the House and Senate Science Committees, Armed Services, and Appropriations Committees. These committees conduct many public hearings on space policy, which invite expert witnesses to testify on US space policy programs and feature debate on the strengths and weaknesses of these programs. Documentation produced by these committees is widely available to the public, except for sensitive national security space policy matters. This assessment examines congressional committee oversight of US space policy programs during the 115th Congress(2017e2018) and reflects the variety of developments in space policy receiving congressional scrutiny.


US government space policy, congressional science committees, congressional oversight, governmental funding, US science and technology policy

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