This is the poster that Chao Cai presented at the Research Data Access & Preservation Association (RDAP) Summit 2020 in Santa Fe, March 2020.


Purdue University Libraries, in collaboration with a research unit, recently proposed to establish a summer undergraduate research experiences (URE) program with an emphasis on data literacy that serves students with limited access to research resources, i.e. underrepresented minorities, students from rural area and community colleges, and students with disabilities. The proposed URE professional development activities related to data literacy, specially data management and data ethics, are designed and tailored to this minority serving URE program based on the recommendations synthesized using reflections from librarians who have taught in data literacy workshops in similar URE programs. In recent years, many federal agencies provide funding opportunities to promote UREs in order to attract and retain a diverse pool of talented students and prepare these students for successful careers, and these URE programs usually emphasize the recruitment of students with limited access to research resources. Because of the increasing demand for data literacy in various disciplines, workshops on data science, specifically data management and data ethics, have been incorporated into the professional development activities in URE programs. Our efforts in tailoring data literacy workshops for minority serving URE programs are intended to connect data literacy education with the on-going and increasing needs in undergraduate research, especially with underrepresented groups of students with limited access to research resources.


summer undergraduate research experiences, data literacy, minority serving

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