This PowerPoint presentation was delivered as part of a workshop titled Integrating Technical Standards into Design Courses at the ASEE annual conference in Columbus, OH in June 2017. Additional materials from the workshop can be located here: (see the "standards workshop materials" tab).


Technical standards (e.g., ASTM, ASME, IEEE) are key resources for engineering and engineering technology students to gain experience with in their undergraduate programs. The importance of standards education for engineers and technologists is expressed in ABET EAC (related to 2016-17 general criteria student outcomes “c”, “h”, and “i”) and ETAC criteria (related to 2016-17 general criteria student outcomes “c” and “f”, MET program criterion “h,” and EET program criterion “a”) and the United States Standards Strategy (USSS). Additionally, employers expect new graduates to be familiar with using and locating standards for their work. The facilitators of this workshop have been awarded a grant from NIST to develop an open, comprehensive standards education platform, complete with online tutorials, assessments, and micro-credentialing. The platform developed from this funding provides the foundation for workshop. The format of the workshop is a flipped classroom approach, where participants will be contacted in advance and encouraged to complete four online educational modules prior to the session (estimated to be 40-45 minutes). The titles of the modules are: An Introduction to Standards for Product Design Needs, Anatomy of a Standard, Discovering and Locating Standards, and Standards in Everyday Objects.

The two-hour workshop is divided into six, 20 minute collaborative segments: Segment 1: an overview of the session and introductory activity to explore participants’ prior experiences working with technical standards; Segments 2-5: each contain activities centered around the learning outcomes of one of the four aforementioned online modules; Segment 6: a debriefing activity to encourage reflection and capture participant feedback on the educational platform.

It is expected that this workshop will draw participants from the engineering librarian, engineering technology, and engineering design communities. Funding for this workshop is provided by the facilitators’ NIST educational development grant.


technical standards, information literacy, engineering technology

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