This presentation was given at the 10th Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries conference held in May 2018 in Chania, Greece.


Purdue University Libraries partner with other units on campus to provide Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation (IMPACT), an initiative to redesign undergraduate courses to enhance student learning. Librarians involved with IMPACT collaborate with instructors to redesign courses while also seeking opportunities to integrate information literacy (IL) into course curricula in ways that support disciplinary learning. The Libraries conducted three research studies exploring aspects related to teacher, student and librarian stakeholders of the IMPACT program. The research uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to examine: 1) teachers’ views of IL in active learning environments, 2) students’ motivation and performance related to the type and amount of IL activities, and 3) librarians’ experiences of working with instructors to redesign their courses. An examination of the three studies of teacher, student, and librarian stakeholders in the IMPACT program suggests that student performance may be positively impacted by teachers having students use information to learn in the disciplinary classroom. Yet, this may be unsupported by some librarians guiding teachers through the redesign process, highlighting the need for librarian development to increase awareness of how IL may be integral to disciplinary learning.


information literacy, IMPACT, educational development

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