Air University Information Resources: Aerospace Power, Military History, Geopolitics, and Professional Military Education


Presentation made for the U.S. Government Publishing Office's FDLP Academy Webinar on November 15, 2017.

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Air University is the U.S. Air Force’s professional military educational institution, located at Maxwell Air Force Base near Montgomery, AL. It’s programs educate airmen on air and space power and their national security capabilities. These programs also address professional continuing education requirements such as managerial, scientific, and technological disciplines that meet the Air Force’s needs. This webinar demonstrates how to access curricular materials, professional journals such as Air & Space Power Journal and Strategic Studies Quarterly, student research papers, and publications from Air University Press, Air Force military doctrine resources, faculty background and credentials, and historical resources from the Air Force Historical Research Agency.


Air University, aerospace power, geopolitics, military strategy, strategic studies, professional military education, aeronautical engineering

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