Data Information Literacy project team poster presented at multiple locations, including:

  • Research Data Symposium, New York, NY (February, 2013)
  • University of Massachusetts and New England Area Librarian E-Science Symposium (April, 2013)
  • Research Data Access and Preservation Summit (April, 2013)


The Institute of Museum and Library Services funded a two-year project for five teams (each made up of two librarians, one of whom specialized in data services, and a faculty researcher) from four institutions (Purdue University, University of Oregon, University of Minnesota, and Cornell University) to examine the data information literacy needs of graduate student researchers. After identifying the needs of their audience each team developed a tailored approach to bring instruction to their respective graduate students. The involvement of a faculty researcher in each team and pre-instruction interviews of graduate students ensured that the program developed was indeed relevant to researchers' real world data needs. This poster outlines the learning outcomes identified and highlights the instructional approaches taken by the teams. Attendees will learn which data management skills span across the science disciplines and learn of unique needs encountered by researchers in the subjects of Natural Resources, Civil Engineering, Ecology, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Agricultural and Biological Engineering. The description of the variety of instructional programs also provides an assortment of options for attendees to take back to their home institutions.


libraries, data, information, literacy, curation, management, stewardship, documentation, metadata, education, intervention, curriculum, graduate students, DIL, poster

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