This is the author’s accepted manuscript version of Chapman, B. (2014). Strategic Rocket Forces, Soviet. In Russia at War: From the Mongol Conquest to Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Beyond by Timothy C. Dowling, Editor. (Vol. 2, pp. 830-831). Copyright © 2014 by ABC-CLIO, LLC. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission from ABC-CLIO, LLC, Santana Barbara, CA.


Describes and analyzes the historic development and evolution of the Soviet Union's Strategic Rocket Forces which were a key part of this country's nuclear weapons arsenal. Covers the technical, political, economic, and military reasons for this force's development. U.S. efforts to monitor and assess the quantity and quality of these weapons are also covered.


Strategic Rocket Forces, nuclear weapons, arms control, ballistic missiles, intelligence gathering and analysis, Russian military, policy, Russian military doctrine, military industrial policy

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