This is the author accepted manuscript of Carly C Dearborn, Amy J Barton, Neal A Harmeyer, (2014) "The Purdue University Research Repository: HUBzero customization for dataset publication and digital preservation", OCLC Systems & Services, Vol. 30 Iss: 1.

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Purpose - This case study will discuss the creation of robust preservation functionality within PURR. The study will discuss the customization of the HUBzero platform, composition of digital preservation policies, and the creation of a novel, machine-actionable metadata model for PURR’s unique digital content. Additionally, the study will trace the implementation of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model and track PURR’s progress towards Trustworthy Digital Repository certification.

Design/methodology/approach - This case study discusses the use of the Center for Research Libraries Trusted Repository Audit Checklist (TRAC) certification process and ISO 16363 as a rubric to build an OAIS institutional repository for the publication, preservation, and description of unique datasets.

Findings - ISO 16363 continues to serve as a rubric, barometer and set of goals for PURR as development continues. To become a trustworthy repository, the PURR project team has consistently worked to build a robust, secure, and long-term home for collaborative research. In order to fulfill its mandate, the project team constructed policies, strategies, and activities designed to guide a systematic digital preservation environment. PURR expects to undertake the full ISO 16363 audit process at a future date in expectation of being certified as a Trustworthy Digital Repository. Through its efforts in digital preservation, the Purdue University Research Repository expects to better serve Purdue researchers, their collaborators, and move scholarly research efforts forward world-wide.

Originality/value - PURR is a customized instance of HUBzero®, an open source software platform that supports scientific discovery, learning, and collaboration. HUBzero was a research project funded by the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) and is a product of the Network for Computation Nanotechnology (NCN), a multi-university initiative of eight member institutions. PURR is only one instance of a HUBzero’s customization; versions have been implemented in many disciplines nation-wide. PURR maintains the core functionality of HUBzero, but has been modified to publish datasets and to support their preservation. Long-term access to published data is an essential component of PURR services and Purdue University Libraries’ mission. Preservation in PURR is not only vital to the Purdue University research community, but to the larger digital preservation issues surrounding dynamic datasets and their long-term usability.


PURR, HUBzero, dataset publication, digital preservation

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