This is an electronic version of an article published in Michael Witt (2012): Co-designing, Co-developing, and Co-implementing an Institutional Data Repository Service, Journal of Library Administration, 52:2, 172-188. JOURNAL OF LIBRARY ADMINSITRATION is available online at: with


In January of 2011, the National Science Foundation began requiring that all proposals for research funding include data management plans. At the time of the mandate, Purdue University's library and campus information technology units had been collaborating on enhancements to the HUBzero virtual research environment. These efforts were parlayed into the development of an institutional, digital data repository and service with the support of the campus research office. In the process, local library science practices have been extended to facilitate research data curation and cyberinfrastructure on campus. Librarians are consulting on data management plans, conducting data reference and instruction, advising on data organization and description, and stewarding collections of data within an evolving library service framework.


insitutional respositories, digital librarires, digital preservation, research data management

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