This is the author accepted manuscript of Bochenek, A. (2024). Reviewing the Use of Primary Sources in the Undergraduate Business Classroom: Business Librarian Use of Primary Sources in Instruction. Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship, 1–20. Published by Taylor & Francis, the version of record is available at DOI:, This version is made available by CC-BY-NC-ND,


This literature review explores the use of digitized primary sources as a means of enhancing affective responses to the research process through proposed business librarian-led activities in the undergraduate business classroom. The literature review discusses the implementation of primary sources in the undergraduate business classroom through suggested classroom activities founded upon the ACRL RBMS-SAA Guidelines for Primary Source Literacy, intending to inspire the use of primary sources in other areas of study. Readers will learn how to connect course material to Archival Intelligence Theory; produce a lineup of primary sources meaningful to business students; explore the impact of affect and information-seeking behavior upon research; and consider potential assignment ideas.


affect, Archival Intelligence Theory, information literacy, primary sources, primary source literacy

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