Recent U.S. Government and Foreign National Government and Commercial Literature on Semiconductors


Semiconductors play a major role in U.S. and international economic activity and in national security policymaking. They are tiny electronic devices based primarily on silicon or germanium, facilitating multiple industrial activities including systems foundational to U.S. technological competitiveness and national security. This industry is a key U.S. exporter with this product’s design and manufacturing being a global enterprise with design, fabrication, assembly, testing, and packing distributed globally. Semiconductors are essential building blocks for emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, 5 G communications, and quantum computing. This article aspires to inform librarians and others about governmental and commercial literature produced on this subject. It aspires to enhance understanding of this topic and its intersections with economics, consumer goods, technology politics, and international security.


Commercial databases with semiconductor information, foreign government information resources, industrial policy, national security, semiconductors history, semiconductors public policy, semiconductors strategic aspects, supply chain, U.S. Government information resources, geopolitics

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