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Professional military reading lists have existed for a long time in the U.S. military and in other national militaries. They are frequently updated and intended to enhance the professional knowledge of military professionals in areas ranging from cultural awareness, ethics, leadership, international relations, military history and military operations, and areas of expertise considered essential to successfully executing the operations of their military service branch. These lists are prepared by the leadership organizations of these armed services such as the Air Force Chief of Staff, U.S. Army’s Chief of Staff, Chief of Naval Operations, and Marine Corps Commandant. Such readings are encouraged and are not prescriptive though they may be recommended for military personnel of various ranks. Their inclusion can often be controversial depending on existing political developments within U.S. politics. This work will examine recent geopolitically oriented works which have been included in U.S. professional military reading lists. They are not limited to books but may include podcasts. It is hoped this assessment will provide some indication of what leaders of U.S. military branches consider to be integral geopolitically oriented works for U.S. military personnel to be aware of in early 2023.


Geopolitics, professional military reading lists, professional military education, national security information

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