This is the author-accepted manuscript of Maybee, C; Bruce, CS; Lupton, M; and Pang, MF. (2019) "Informed Learning Design: Teaching and Learning through Engagement with Information." Higher Education Research & Development 38 (3) : 579-593. Copyright Taylor & Francis, the version of record is available at DOI: 10.1080/07294360.2018.1545748.


While higher education teachers are able to use information in sophisticated ways to learn and communicate within their disciplines, they may not be accustomed to teaching their students to use information creatively and reflectively to support their work in a course. This paper introduces informed learning design, a curriculum design model by which teachers specifically enable students to learn course content through intentionally design engagement with information. Drawing from informed learning pedagogy and the variation theory of learning, the design model outlines an instructional pattern for enabling student awareness of critical aspects and features of the object being studied related to both information use and course content.


informed learning, curriculum design, information literacy, higher education, pedagogy

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