This is the accepted version of Dilworth, Kathryn and Erla P. Heyns. (September 2020) “Fundraising in Academic Libraries: Looking Back and Defining New Questions.” Journal of Academic Librarianship. 46 (5), 1-6. [Refereed]


This is the first study since the 1990’s that solicits information about fundraising activity from a broad representation of academic libraries in the United States. Survey questions were adapted from previous studies to identify how this practice has evolved over the last twenty-five years. Results provide insight into prevalent conditions including the investment made in fundraising, common giving opportunities, the level of involvement of academic partners and leaders and the most common constituency groups who give and volunteer. This high-level view of fundraising activity in academic libraries establishes a foundation that can guide further research on this topic and points to an urgent need to revise academic library fundraising strategies and investment.


Fundraising, philanthropy, development, library, higher education, challenges

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