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CONTRIBUTION: This paper highlights one approach to fostering the entrepreneurial mindset in the engineering classroom. BACKGROUND: Entrepreneurship and innovation are currently trending topics in engineering education and will continue developing for the foreseeable future. INTENDED OUTCOMES: The guiding research question is: How can an entrepreneurial mindset focused learning experience improve student self-regulation, seeing value, and lifelong learning through metacognitive reflections? APPLICATION DESIGN: The study is implemented within a five-week module focused on developing the entrepreneurial mindset as part of a required course on supply chain management technology. The supporting pedagogical interventions include authentic learning, information literacy, a mix of low stakes and high stakes assessment, and parallel scaffold and collaborative learning. The module is assessed through a metacognitive reflection centered around self-regulated learning, seeing value, and lifelong learning. FINDINGS: First, the metacognitive reflections showed ~50% of participants would approach their work differently (e.g., make changes to management and scheduling, using credible sources, obtaining writing assistance through the university writing lab). Second, participants were able to articulate soft skill development and/or subject matter expertise as benefits as it relates to entering the workforce. Third, participants were able to express opportunities for extending their knowledge in the future.


undergraduate, information literacy, entrepreneurship, engineering

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