Congressional Record North Korea Policy Debate 2017-2019


Published as Indiana Networking for Documents and Information of Government Organizations (INDIGO) publication on August 11, 2021. 22 pages long.


Numerous resources document U.S. congressional policymaking activities. The Congressional Record is one of these resources. It has been published daily when Congress is in session since 1873 and serves as the official record of congressional proceedings and debates. This publication provides at least a partiaI indication of public opinion on foreign policy and other issues confronting Congress while also reflecting congressional exercise of its U.S. Constitution Article 1 funding and oversight powers. The Congressional Record is divided into House and Senate sections which record U.S. House of Representatives and Senate debate spoken on the floor of these legislative chambers, the text of legislation, recorded votes, and material submitted into the Record by Representatives and Senators. It also includes a Daily Digest featuring House and Senate actions reported in individual issues, listings of committee meetings held that day and scheduled for the next day; the schedule of the next meeting for each chamber; measures introduced, reported, passed, or measures under consideration while referring to the House of Senate Congressional Record page numbers where the action occurred. The Extension of Remarks section includes material inserted into the transcript by members of the House of Representatives which were not delivered on the House floor while this chamber is in session[1].


United States Congress, Congressional Record, congressional debate, congressional oversight, North Korea policy, Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, United States military policy, economic sanctions, intelligence analysis, East Asian geopolitics, ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons, China, cybersecurity

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