Britain’s National Audit Office and Parliamentary Defence Committees: Sources for Evaluating Royal Air Force (RAF) Program Performance


Published as Indiana Networking for Documents and Information of Government Organizations (INDIGO) publication on August 11, 2021. 50 pages long.


Public scrutiny of Royal Air Force (RAF) programs regularly occurs through media reports, variegated scholarly analysis, Ministry of Defence (MOD) documentation, and parliamentary debates. This article argues that those studying contemporary and recent historical RAF programs must also examine and analyze National Audit Office (NAO), parliamentary select committee oversight, and All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) activity and documentation, to gain enhanced and credible understanding of RAF successes and failures. These information resources are freely available in the form of reports, statistical analysis, transcripts of parliamentary committee evidence sessions, visual analytics and, in some cases, video webcasts and audio podcasts. This article examines how NAO, parliamentary committees, and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drones (APPGD) have examined recent RAF programs and advocates that serious students of RAF and other UK military programs and policies use these information resources to enhance individual and global understanding of the RAF.


Great Britain Royal Air Force, Great Britain national security policy, British parliamentary oversight, British parliamentary scrutiny, House of Commons Defence Select Committee, House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, Great Britain National Audit Office, Great Britain All Parliamentary Group on Drones, British military spending

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